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  • Custom Web Design Services Medical Animatics' state-of-the-art custom web design services helps global leader assist physicians to grow practice. Watch Now
  • Expert Medical Illustrations Hospital announces breakthroughs in cardiovascular treatment with Medical Animatics’ expert illustrations and animations. Watch Now
  • Patients Learn About Innovative Procedures Medical Animatics’ stunning quality procedural animations helps Covidien educate patients about innovative scar-less surgery options. Watch Now
  • Laser Eye Surgery Animation Library Medical Animatics’ 3D animation portfolio includes a full library of animated scenes for use in patient education campaigns. Watch Now
  • Breathtaking Human Anatomy Animations The Human Anatomy project is Medical Animatics’ comprehensive 3D modeling and animation production currently underway. Watch Now
  • Mechanism of Action (MOA) Animation The Medicines Company demonstrates drug interaction in the body with Medical Animatics 3D animation. Watch Now

Medical Animatics simplifies complex medical and life science concepts with new and innovative multimedia solutions.Medical Animatics We are a world class visual media and interactive learning production company that specializes in 3D animation, video, interactive learning applications, and web design services. We provide end-to-end solutions for life science companies, health care providers, educational institutions, informal learning organizations, and film studios.

Our solutions are tailored to the learning styles of your audience. We ensure that physicians, nurses, patients, students, sales representatives, investors, and regulatory organizations understand your message more clearly with high-quality multimedia and customizable interactive learning solutions.

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Featured Products

My Informed Choice

MyInformedChoice® is Medical Animatics’ customizable learning management system (LMS) currently delivering state-of-the-art patient education and electronic informed consent tools to bariatric practices across the nation. Weight loss surgery patient education will never be the same compared with the extraordinary quality of the in-depth content provided by MyInformedChoice®.

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